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Tech Stirrups

Tech Stirrups Venice Safety Stirrups

Tech Stirrups Venice Safety Stirrups


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Comfort and stability in any riding discipline.

“Venice” riding stirrups are provided with a revolutionary safety mechanism which, in case of need, allows a section of the ring to open, thus easing the release of the foot, the section then springs back into its original position.

One end of the moving part is fixed to the tread, while the other end is secured to the ring thanks to the spring pressure and a special locking system which is made of small magnets.

Like all of our patented stirrups, they are 100% made in Italy. Tech Stirrups Venice are made from aluminium billet and then fastened with stainless steel screws. They are anodised (20μm treatment) to preserve their aesthetic quality.

The patented grip, thanks to its strong design, help avoid accumulation of mud and water, thus granting excellent adherence.


  • Weight: 540g (19,04 oz)
  • Tread dimensions: 120x65mm (4-3/4 in)
  • Shiny finish
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