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Pee Wee

Pee Wee Bit - Mullen Mouth Snaffle

Pee Wee Bit - Mullen Mouth Snaffle


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Want a relaxed horse without mouthing issues?

The Innovative Equestrian Pee Wee Horse bit is the most comfortable and responsive bit you can put in your horse's mouth.
Surveys have shown that 80% of horses have low palates and large fleshy tongues. This means that the majority of bits on the market are too thick in the mouth bar and so don't leave enough room in the mouth for the tongue. As a result, the tongue lifts the mouth bar up until it contacts the roof of the mouth (mouth palate). This is a major irritation that causes the horse to toss its head up and forwards to try and shake the bit to the front of the mouth to create some room and stop the contact to the palate.
We have eliminated this problem by introducing a thinner mouth bar which leaves plenty of room for the tongue and eliminates contact to the roof of the mouth as well as being lightweight and beautifully shaped to fit over the tongue. Also being a fixed mullen mouth bar there is no "nutcracker "effect which is very disconcerting to horses.
Mini- 4"
Small - 4.5"
Medium - 5"
Large - 5.5"
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Fiona Green
Pee Wee Bit

Best bit ever purchased. Have 2 now