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Kohnke's Cell-Provide

Kohnke's Cell-Provide


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For Lightly Worked Horses and Ponies

Cell-Provide provides a supplementary source of essential nutrients, blended as three separate Supplet® pellets, to help avoid wastage due to sift-out, dust, and nutrient interaction.  It is formulated to NRC (2007) standards to make up shortfalls in grain based feeds and stored hays given to horses, ponies and miniatures with access to minimal grass.

Cell-Provide is a unique formulation designed to make-up the shortfalls of a wide range of nutrients in the common feed mixes, hay and grass consumed by lightly worked adult equestrian and pleasure horses, ponies and miniatures on pasture and hay based diets.

Calcium, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Horses and ponies
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