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Kohnke's Cal-Xtra

Kohnke's Cal-Xtra


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Calcium Supplement for Horses Grazing on Oxalate Pastures

CAL-XTRA™ is recommended for race horses in training requiring a balanced calcium, phosphorus and magnesium supplement, with Vitamin A and Vitamin D to help ensure optimum uptake from the digestive system. The formulation is acidified to help assist calcium uptake from the small intestine, which is complemented by its Vitamin D content. 

It is particularly recommended for stabled horses on diets low in sun-cured lucerne (alfalfa) hay, or with limited daily access to a sunny yard or turn-out area to synthesize vitamin D in their skin to meet their needs.

Concentrated calcium supplement for horses grazing on oxalate pastures, as well as horses in training and growing horses.
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