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Kohnkes Activ-8

Kohnkes Activ-8


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For the Nutritional Support of the Immune System

Active-8™ provides nutritional support to the immune system and is considered to have a role in maintaining optimum immune function in all horses and those recovering from respiratory viral conditions and lower airway disease.

Recommended as a supplement for:

  • Horses on hay, grain and pasture diets which are low or inadequate in the essential immune nutritional co-factors to maintain a functional immune system.
  • Horses challenged by viral respiratory diseases or following infection when being fed on diets low in immune co-factor nutrients necessary for a strong functional immune system to help ensure health and wellbeing.
  • Horses prior to, and during long distance transport, relocation and other injury, where immune defence is paramount to health and performance.
  • Young horses and yearlings being prepared for sale and being transported to new environments in contact with many other horses which may carry viral and bacterial diseases. Activ-8 will assist the immune function to respond to new infections if administered 2-3 weeks daily prior to sale date or relocation.
  • Young horses for 7-10 days prior to and after vaccination to optimise the immune response to vaccination.
Vitamin E supplement with Immune Active Co-Factors for the Nutritional Support of the Immune System
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