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Decron Legwrap Poultice

Decron Legwrap Poultice


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The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice assists in the management of strains and sprains, cellulitis, shin soreness, bruising, swelling and inflammation of horse’s legs and also for the treatment of open wounds.

 The effectiveness of the Poultice leg wrap is based on the principles of osmosis.  A combination of glycerine and natural essential oils creates a powerful osmotic effect to assist in the management of :

  •  Minor wounds
  • Puncture wounds
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Shin soreness

Can assist in protecting and supporting the lower limbs during floating, shipping and air travel

In routine leg management, the combination of 20-25mins of icing immediately following strenuous exercised followed by Decron Poultice leg wrap is an excellent practice management


How to apply the Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

1) Before using the Decron Leg Wrap Poultice, thoroughly clean the wound area or inflamed limb with a non-irritant antiseptic scrub and clean your own hands thoroughly.

2) Cut the top of the Decron Leg Wrap  Poultice package along the dotted line, above the resealable seal.

3) Remove the Decron Leg Wrap  Poultice from the package.

4) Use either the whole piece of Leg Wrap Poultice or cut down to required size (make sure it is big enough to cover entire affected area)

5) Peel off the plastic backing.

6) Place sticky side of the Decron Leg Wrap  Poultice onto affected area or wound.

7) Place a leg pad or cotton wool over the Decron Leg Wrap  Poultice and then bandage with a stable bandage or a cohesive bandage.


Application times:

Apply each application for 24 hours.

Leave first treatment on for 24 hours and re-assess the injury.  A second application can be left in place for up to 48 hours if required.

When treating an open wound, it is advisable to change the Decron Leg Wrap  Poultice after 24 hours.

When the wrap is removed it is usual to see a sticky yellow substance on the wrap. This is tissue fluid and the remains of bacteria that have been killed by the body’s white blood cells and the essential oils of the Leg Wrap  Poultice which is drawn to the surface of the wound.

This wound should be thoroughly cleaned with a salt water solution prior to the application of another Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

If the condition does not appear to be responding after the application period, then veterinary advice must be obtained.

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