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Belindas Natural Animal Therapies

Belinda's Amazing Mineral Plus

Belinda's Amazing Mineral Plus


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One dose, one product, suitable for all horses all year round for Tasmanian horses

Balanced, Easy to use, Economical, Time saving & Amazing Results!

Provides your horse with a custom-made vitamin, mineral & salt supplement. Keep your horse healthy with the added benefit of Elitox® to help alleviate your horse of mycotoxins along with improving gut health and improves nutrient availability with added Diamond V XPC®. Great for growing or older horses that need help with nutrient digestibility.

Suitable for all Equines as an everyday feed supplement, may also help prevent or resolve;

* Hoof issues * Laminitis * Mud fever * Rain scald * Itchy Skin * Stringhalt * Scouring *Sunburn & photosensitivity * Ryegrass staggers * Balance the diet * promote a healthy shiny horse!

Dose rate is 120g per day per 500kg horse. You can put in one feed or split in two feeds if you feed twice a day.

*Note on Elitox; Elitox is a unique mycotoxin eliminator for use in all equine diets safe to use all year round.

  • * Elitox does not bind or degrade dietary micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus containsElitox ® Power-mycotoxin Eliminator with high quality antioxidants &vitamin C. Diamond V XPC® fermentedyeast culture, prebiotic for gut health. Also provides Vitamins &minerals to balance your horses diet (A-Z): Biotin, Boron, Calcium, Copper,Folic Acid, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Niacin B3, Phosphorus, Salt, Selenium, Sulphur,Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E & Zinc.

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