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Bayer Equitak Excel Wormer


Equitak Excel can be used to prevent resistant worms from being transferred to your farm or paddock. 
Bayer Equitak worming paste kills Abecmectin resistant worms.

Worlds first 3 in 1 combinaton of Abamectin,Oxfendazole and Praziquantel. The unique combination of Oxfendazole and Abamectin works respectively by starving and paralysing the internal parasites while the Praziquantel destroys tapeworms. Safe to use in horses of all ages including foals, yearlings, pregnant mares, stallions and adult horses when used as directed. 
For control of gastrointestinal worm parasites: large and small strongyles, large roundworms, (Ascarids, both sensitive and resistant to Abamectin), lungworms, pinworms and stomach bots, and Praziquantel to treat and control all tapeworms.

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