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Agspand's Feedchar

A mineral-activated charcoal dietary feed supplement for animals

Agspand Pty Ltd’s Feedchar™ is a quality Australian mineral-activated charcoal dietary feed supplement for all animals (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, pigs, chickens, dogs and pets) that might assist with digestive discomfort, poor condition, and stress from ingesting high nitrates and mycotoxins that commonly appear on and in grasses, hay, grains and mixed feeds during both wet and dry seasons.

Agspand’s Feedchar is based on simple ingredients — charcoal and minerals — that animals seek for themselves in the wild to help with plant-toxin effects. To support gut health and condition long term, Feedchar may safely be supplemented continuously, and with other vitamins and minerals, if desired.

You can buy Agspand’s specially formulated animal Feedchar™ products by purchasing them from Allocated Feedchar Stockists and Agents (see a list below). Or you can order Feedchar directly online, where a minimal freight charge will apply.

The following table contains more information about plant toxins and how Agspand’s Feedchar™ may be provided to various animals. Visit Agspand’s Testimonials page for reviews and further information from the field.

Agspand’s Feedchar is a TRIPLE Carbon Farming Process that supports animals, air AND soils!