How to find the best Saddle for your horse

If you are in search of the perfect saddle for you and your steed, Saddleworld is place you want to be. Access to expert knowledge, experience and an awesome product range mean we can get your fit right, right from the beginning. 

We're super proud to have multiple qualified Saddle Fitters in our team, with unmatched attention to detail, and a willingness to help that means your saddle fit will always be our priority. 

Mobile Saddle Fitter

Shantel Radford from Summer Hill Equestrian is our go to gal and has qualifications in Saddle Fitting, Coaching, and has had training in Nutrition, Massage and Muscle therapy. 

Feel free to call or message Devonport Saddleworld to organise a saddle fit, or contact Shantel directly:

Trips State Wide to Hobart and Launceston are regular, and the islands occasional. So contact Shantel to book you and your pony in.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.