We are waiting with baited breath for the new formula from Cen Nutrition to hit the shelf - but in the mean time we all still have horses to feed!

Prydes EasiSport is a fantastic alternative to the Cen formula that does not compromise on quality ingredients. 

  • Its safe for ponies and horses who are prone to tying up or laminitis
  • 17.9% protein in combination with essential amino acids is great for building topline on even the hardest do-ers.
  • Grainfree and formulated for horses prone to gut problems.
  • Natural vitamin E and selenium for antioxidant protection of muscles.
  • Cool energy feed to give calm yet responsive energy.

See our one to one comparison table below, you will see that there are few things present in the Cen Nutrition that are not available in the EasiSport BUT most of the differences can be fixed by feeding at the recommended Feeding Rate which is slightly higher for Easiport compared to Cen Complete. If you do not think your horse should be eating more, its an EasiFix (did you see what we did there?) - just feed Prydes EasiKeeper! This is a concentrated balancer pelleted and has an incredibly low feeding rate, and its made from the same good stuff as EasiSport, but moore concerntrated. It's great for those good doers!




Per 1kg


Per 1kg

Digestible Energy 11MJ 12.8MJ
Crude Protein 15% 17.9%
Crude Fibre 35% 31.5%
Crude Fat 4% 9.6%
Calcium 18g 11.7g
Phosphorus 9g 6.4g
Magnesium 18g 4.7g
Lysine 6g 8.8g
Methionine 1.2g 1.7g
Starch 0.9% 1.1%
Non-structural Carbohydrate (NSC) 4.5% 8.1%
Minerals Cen  EasiSport
Sodium 3g 4.3g
Potassium 6g 8.2g
Chloride 6g 8.6g
Zinc 882mg 267mg
Copper 349mg 98mg
Iron 123mg 320mg
Manganese 180mg 221mg
Cobalt 1mg .6mg
Iodine 4mg 2.2mg
Selenium 2.2mg 1.4mg
Chromium 3mg 1.0mg
Boron 20mg NA
Vitamins Cen  EasiSport
Vitamin A 35000IU 20000IU
Vitamin E 1000IU 365IU
Vitamin C 2000mg NA
Vitamin D 3000IU 3000IU
Vitamin K 4mg 7.4mg
Vitamin B1 40mg 25.8mg
Vitamin B2 14mg 9.4mg
Vitamin B3 90mg 50.3mg
Vitamin B5 25mg 16.5mg
Vitamin B6 14mg 9.8mg
Vitamin B12 1mg 0.693ug
Folic Acid 10mg 8.8mg
Biotin 15mg 0.3mg
Live Probiotics 20 Billion CFU NA
Prebiotics 2000mg NA

Where are the differences?

Pre and Pro Biotics

This can be supplemented with Ironhorse Pre-Pro-Bio which is made from ingredients that are scientifically proven to reach the hind gut! This is available in store!

Vitamin C

This can be supplemented with the amazing Ironhorse VitEC available in store.

The other notable difference!

Easi Sport contains Extruded Soybean Meal, which is why its a bit higher in protein and fat! Some horses are very sensitive to soy - but most will notice no difference.

The Feeding Rate on EasiSport

Still not convinced? Want to stay on the sweet sweet Cen Nutrition Train?

Feed Cen CF50 with your favourite Lupin Pellet! Iron Horse Equine Nutrition Fibrwell is a new product to Australia, but boy does it walk the walk!
35% Fibre with added Pre and Pro Biotics, your horse will look amazing!
Both Lakeisha and Tayla are feeding it to thier furry children and have nothing but good things to say.
Made from the same fantastic lupin hulls as the Cen Lupin Pellet with .65% Starch with 15.5% Protein, all you need to do is add your choice of vitamins and you're set!
Make the switch, and save some $$$

Still have questions? You should come into one of our stores to have a chat!

We are in Tasmania, Launceston and Devonport. 

OR you can give us a call, we are happy to help those pesky mainlanders as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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