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Saddleworld Devonport




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Seedhouse Tasmania is the first feedmill in Australia to offer a chick starter and grower feed that utilises a new plant extract to comprehensively reduce the impact of coccidiosis in young poultry.   The extract primarily derived from oregano is FDA approved and in trials globally reduced the reliance on antibiotics in commercial and back-yard poultry. Coccidiosis is one of the most prevalent and costly diseases in poultry.  It is probably the most common cause of mortality in young birds. Coccidiosis is caused by a parasite that attacks the animal’s gut wall, it can affects birds of any age but is most destructive in chicks under 3 weeks of age. Birds develop a natural immunity over time but many birds die fairly suddenly at a young age before they have had a chance to develop an immunity. Seedhouse Tasmania chick starter and grower contain Orego-Stim and ENTX, these plan extracts have been used and trialed extensively in Europe, to maximize flock health without the previous reliance on antibiotics.


wheat, triticale, barley, peas, lupins, limestone, canola oil, dicalcium phosphate & soymeal.

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