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Lynbrae Show Range Shampoo Bar

Lynbrae Show Range Shampoo Bar


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The Lynbrae Shampoo Bar underwent months of intense product testing and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a have a highly effective Australian Handmade shampoo bar. Our 100% naturally made Equine Shampoo Bar is perfect for the environmentally conscious horse lover, because it's plastic free and is packaged in biodegradable packaging! Another great advantage of this bar is that unlike traditional liquid shampoos, you wont end up spilling it onto the ground and even if you do drop it, you can just wash the dirt off and it's as good as new.

Our Shampoo Bar is suitable for all colours of horse and we have received amazing reviews on how well it performs on white tails. It's also great to wash dogs with and we have even used it to wash the legs of the odd chicken! Not only great for the body of the horse, it's also the perfect product to wash manes and tails in, before plaiting up with our Lynbrae Plaiting Wax.

Each bar weighs between, 130-140gm and is concentrated, making it the cost effective way to wash your horse. Did you know that the bulk of liquid shampoo is water? Our shampoo bar is water free, making it easier to post and better for your wallet! Our shampoo bar is a concentrate and we liken one bar to around 700mls of liquid shampoo.

How to use:

  1. Get the hair of the horse thoroughly wet. 
  2. Holding the Shampoo Bar in your hand,  rub into the wet hair in a circular motion, making sure you remember that it is a concentrate and a little goes a long way!
  3. Scrub shampoo into a lather using your hands or a brush.
  4. Rinse off your horse, making sure to wash all of the shampoo off. To know if all the shampoo is off, just rub your hands on the coat and if there is no more lathering, then you're good to go! Hint: use a massage brush on your horse and make washing time extra luxurious. 
  5. Dry off your horse using a scraper or your chosen tool and you're done!
  6. Store the bar in a mesh bag, in a soap container or in a zip lock bag (once it has dried) and you'll be able to use it wash after wash!


Ingredients include:

  • Saponified Coconut Oil
  • Saponified Olive Oil (the oil comes from just up the road from where the shampoo bar is made)
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Tea Tree essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil 
  • Pumice

Please note: we advise you apply with gloves, due to a small amount of people who may be allergic to any of the ingredients. If in doubt, apply a test patch to you/your pet before a full wash.

Please also remove jewellery as the soap may tarnish it.  

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