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Lynbrae Show Range Plaiting Wax


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The 'Stay Put' Plaiting Wax, has undergone extensive testing and development to ensure a high end, quality product. All ingredients are natural and no harsh chemicals are used. For horses with sensitive skin, not only does it not cause further irritation, it will actually help improve the overall skin and hair health. The wax is also perfect for horses that do not like sprays or aerosol can that are used in traditional plaiting products.


  • 100% Australian Made! Unlike many other plaiting wax products on the market, our product is made in house at the Lynbrae property in Tasmania. No nasty chemicals are added and we do not have any added paraffin waxes in our product.
  • Shea butter to give the the optimal grip on the mane, while also nourishing the hair and the hands of the person plaiting. 
  • Coconut Oil, which has many benefits for hair growth, conditioning properties and promotes healthy skin. No more dry, flaky manes, from hairspray.
  • Beeswax, for a long lasting effect on the plaits and to keep those pesky little bits of mane from sticking up.
  • Lavender essential oil, to give the wax that extra lovely smell.
  • Recyclable packaging, just remember to take off the label before recycling it. 

The Black Wax has all the benefits of the standard wax, but with
activated charcoal. While the standard wax will not appear white once in the hair, the black version is perfect for the horse with a black mane and tail, that is looking a little uneven in colour. Simply apply as per the standard application and be sure to apply extra to areas with sun bleaching. Activated charcoal may also assist with dry, itchy skin.

Plaiting using Lynbrae Plating Wax:

1. Using a plaiting comb or similar tool, section the clean, dry mane into equal parts from poll to wither.

2. Working with one section of mane at a time, apply your Lynbrae Plaiting Wax full length from root to tip. The wax will still work if the mane is damp, however a clean, dry mane is ideal.

3. Divide the chosen section of mane into 3 even parts. More wax can be applied as needed to help achieve firm, even plaits.

4. When plaiting, make sure that you start each plait the same, maintaining even and consistent pressure working in a downwards motion. Maintaining even and consistent plaiting pressure ensures a better, more even end result and better quality plaits.

5. Secure the tail of your plait with a braiding band, then finish plait as needed. Lynbrae Plaiting Wax can be used as a finishing product, or last minute tidy up pre show ring entry to ensure your hard work stays put.


The black wax does wash easily off hands, but we still recommend using gloves when applying.

Handy Hint: If you scuff your boots before heading into the ring, just apply a thin layer of the plaiting wax to the leather and rub in! 
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