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Fibre Fresh FiberMix 20KG

Fibre Fresh FiberMix 20KG


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Everyday Superfood for Optimal Health & Performance 

A traditional blend of forage fibres for horses with higher energy requirements

  • Fresh cut lucerne and traditional whole oat plant
  • Delicious blend of legume and cereal forage fibres seasoned with oat grain
  • Sustained energy balanced with low protein
  • Strength and hydration for performance

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FiberMix® is a moist, high energy, low protein, digestible forage fibre feed comprising lucerne and whole oat crop freshly harvested at the dough stage.  FiberMix® is suitable for most horses, but especially race and sport horses in more vigorous exercise programmes where additional sustained energy is required from the forage component of the diet.

With its blend of traditional forage fibres seasoned with oat grain, FiberMix® is highly palatable, especially for the performance horse accustomed to cereals in the diet, or horses with poor appetite.  Containing high levels of structural fibre balanced with 10% starch and soluble sugars combined, FiberMix® is an excellent way to increase the forage fibre content of the diet and provide slow-release, sustained energy.

FiberMix® is designed as a quality forage feed to complement energy-dense grains or concentrate feeds, plus it aids in the management of metabolic and digestive health in horses.  Moist and low in total protein, feeding FiberMix® will assist in preventing dehydration whilst still supplying a good level of lysine and other amino acids for muscle and immune function.

FiberMix® is completely safe, consistent and ideal as the primary forage in the ration of horses with additional energy requirements.

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