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Eurohunter Renmark Helmet with Diamantes

Eurohunter Renmark Helmet with Diamantes


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A new design to compliment the rider while maintaining safety. The Eurohunter Renmark is flattering and comfortable for the rider. Plus diamantes have been placed along the stitching for that added sparkle.

A lovely defining stitch has been used on either side of the ventilation for a classic look. The visor protects your face from weather elements, try one on at your local Saddleworld store today or buy online.

INTERNAL LINING: The internal lining of the helmet can be easily removed and washed.

VISOR: A visor is fitted at the front of the helmet to help protect from the weather elements.

VENTILATION: The helmet is fitted with ventilation for air flow.

Sizes 52cm - 61cm

APPROVED SAFETY STANDARD: PAS 015:2011, VG1 01.040 2014-12.

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