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PEI Apple-Tech Peanut Jointed Two Ring Gag Bit

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The Apple-Teque peanut jointed gag is a happy mouth style bit with a warm and durable plastic covering which is kind to the horse’s mouth. The peanut joint prevents the mouthpiece from coming into contact with the palate, making it more comfortable in the horse’s mouth. Our unique Apple-Teque covering is apple flavoured and can help the horse to easily accept the bit.

Also known as a continental bit, it works by raising the bit in the horse's mouth in a similar way to a traditional gag but without the same severity. The reins can either be attached to the snaffle ring, or the lower ring for increased poll pressure and leverage. You can also use two reins or rounding's attached to a single rein with this bit so that a correct contact can be maintained on the snaffle ring without poll pressure when needed. This bit is perfect for riders who need a little more control when jumping or doing fast work.

Apple-Teque Horse Bits...
Apple-Teque bits are very similar to rubber bits with the benefit of being lighter and more flexible. They are apple flavoured, making them very palatable and therefore suited to young/green horses or horses that have sensitive mouths. A warm and gentle choice suited to many.